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Trading Particulars
Trading Hours
Hong Kong Time Monday to Friday:
9:00a.m.-12:00p.m. & 1:00p.m.- 4:00p.m. (Normal Trading Day), 
9:00a.m. – 12:00p.m. (Half Trading day)
Making New Order Instructions Clients can contact your investment officer for order instructions during trading hours by specifying a new order; or make order instructions via any of our online channels.
Cancellation of Order Instructions Clients should notify your investment officer on cancellations.
Modification of Order Instructions Clients should notify your investment officer on modification before giving any new instructions to avoid duplications.
Good-for Day Orders All orders received or submitted via account executives or online channels are good-for-day and will not be carried forward to the next trading day.
Sell Instructions Clients shall make sure the quantity of shares on hand before making any sell instructions. Clients who commit in short-selling will bear legal responsibilities.
Order Confirmation Wintone strives to deliver order confirmations on all executed orders. These transactions will be recorded in consolidated statements as well.
"WinTonenet" only provide 2 kinds of orders as followings:
At-auction Limit Orders (ALO) Auction Limit Order has a specified price for single price auction. It is available in the Pre-Opening Period until 9:15 am. New Auction Limit Order cannot be placed and working Auction Limit Order cannot be amended or deleted from 9:15 am. Orders will be matched in accordance with the Indicative Equilibrium Price (IEP). Unmatched At-auction Limit Orders will be converted into Limit Orders and carried forward to the Continuous Trading Session provided that the specified price of that order does not deviate 9 times or more from the nominal price. IEP is the price with maximum number of orders matched in the Order Matching Period. Indicative Equilibrium Volume (IEV) is the transaction volume done in IEP. Those figures can be referred in the RTQ Applet. (*Clients should place orders within 20 spreads)
Enhanced Limit Orders (ELO) Enhanced limit order allows matching of up to five price queues at a time. ELO placed after 9:15 am will be in "Received" status and triggered to market for queuing after 09:30 am. Unmatched ELO in continuous trading session will be automatically canceled upon day close. Amendment to Enhanced Limit Buy / Sell Order can be made only at a price not higher than the best ask price / a price not lower than the best bid price or else the amendment will be rejected by the system and the original order will be cancelled. Any unfilled Enhanced Limit Order will be put in queue as Limit Order at the same price. (*Clients should place orders within 20 spreads)
*Clients can contact your Investment Officer for placing At-Auction Orders (AO) during pre-opening period.
Securities Settlement
Settlement day will be the second business day after transaction day (T+2).
Buy Order Settlement Clients should settle the whole amount by depositing the transaction amount and other trading fees to their securities account. The whole amount will be debited from their securities account where the purchased shares will be deposited to client's account on settlement day.
WINTONE Deposit Bank Account Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
Account no.:012-594-1-004261-8

Hang Seng Bank

Account no.:773-556840-669

(1) Please deposit to the above bank account. If payment by cheque/bank draft, please make
      payable to "Wintone Securities Limited".
(2) Please write your account number and account name on the deposit slip, and fax it to
      (852) 2110 0408 for verification.
Sell Order Settlement The proceeds from sell instructions will be deposited to client's securities account on settlement day whereas the shares will be withdrawn from account on the same day. Clients should contact their investment officer for funds withdrawal on an individual basis.
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