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Cash Securities Account
  All securities transaction traded with a cash securities account are settled in cash with no financing facility to be granted. Before you make any transaction, an available balance of transaction value has to be maintained in your cash securities account. WINTONE reserves the right to adjust the initial deposit requirement in accordance with the market condition or risk of individual stock. The unsettled balance should be cleared on or before the second business day after the transaction date (T+2). WINTONE assumes full right to charge interest on overdue balance at prevailing margin lending rate for stocks; or to sell the relevant stock for settlement. You are advised to make sure the quantity of stock on hand before you make any sell instructions.
Margin Securities Account
  A Margin Account is an account with which you can trade through margin financing. Investors are required to deposit a certain amount of funds into their margin account beforehand, after which they can purchase stocks worth more than the principal fund available in their account. Securities will be held in custody with WINTONE as collateral. As the price of securities may fluctuate, WINTONE reserves the right to request clients to deposit additional funds or securities if the client's margin position fell below the maintenance level. Note: Margin ratio is determined by the company. Financing amount will be decreased or cancelled depending on the market and credit risk.
Authorization Letter for Margin Securities Accounts (under Sections 81 and 81A of the Securities Ordinance to Lend or Deposit Securities)
  Margin securities account clients shall sign an Authorization Letter to authorize WINTONE Securities Limited to use the securities purchased or deposited by clients as collateral. This authorization letter is valid from the date of account opening till the next 31st of March, and is required to review every year after expiration.
Associated Risk of Margin Securities Account
  With the leverage effect of margin account, you could result in a higher return rate together with a high associated risk on buying and selling securities. Margin securities accounts are therefore applicable to investors with risk tolerance and extensive investment experience.
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